8/3 "Optimistic Aging" - a Keynote by Lynn Ruth Miller.

8/3 "Optimistic Aging" - a Keynote by Lynn Ruth Miller.

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This year on International Women's Day, we have the honor to welcome Lynn Ruth Miller, the world's oldest performing comedienne and her signature keynote "Optimistic Aging"

About Lynn Ruth Miller: 

Lynn Ruth Miller  is one of the oldest performing stand-up comedienne in the world. She only started in at 71, after a career as a writer, tutor and newspaper columnist. At age 84, Lynn Ruth Miller is a renaissance woman who wears many hats. She entertains audiences of all ages with comedy and song. She is living proof that the older you are, the more fun you have.

About "Optimistic Aging":

As we age, we often forget to look at the bigger picture: who we think we are as opposed to the picture we present to others. What rules do we really need to follow to fulfill our lives? Too often we feel trapped in the identity defined by the work we do. It is so easy to blame externals for our own dissatisfaction but the reality is that everyone has choices about how they construct their lives. Yet many of us are afraid to step out of those boundaries we have created for ourselves. I will tell real life stories of ways I have done this very thing to make you laugh a little and think a little more about your own power and how to make your dreams happen.

/Lynn Ruth Miller


Adress: Stockholm Comedy Club at Estelle, Sveavägen 36, Stockholm. 

Showtime 5 PM, doors open 4.30 PM. The show is about 1,5 h long.  

Most welcome!